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    • 회장인사말 임원명부 학회연혁
      • Welcome to the Korean Association for Dental Research (KADR)'s website.

        KADR was established in 1971 and approved as the Korean Division at Council Meeting of IADR in March 1982 .
        Members of the Korean Division have participated in discussions on the newly developed dental science field at the IADR General Session held in US and other country every year and actively presented their researches. We have successfully held the IADR General Session in Seoul in 2016 with the efforts of many Korean Division members. Many thanks for your hard work.
        Lots of presentations of IADR General Sessions include clinical researches and intervention researches linking basic dentistry with clinical dentistry as well as basic dentistry. Today dental researches can not be developed solely by a dentist. Besides dentists, dental hygienists, natural and medical scientists related to oral health intervention join IADR. IADR General Session is being

      • promoted to the Olympics of dentistry.
        Many Korean members will join IADR General Session held in London, 25-28 July in this year. The Annual Meeting of Korean Division Conference will be held in November this year, show many researches, and be a chance for graduate students to present their research results.
        All the executives of KADR will do our best to listen to the opinions of members and wish your health and well-being during this year

      President KADR (IADR-Korean Division)
      Prof. Jin-Bom Kim